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Hardware Based RS232 Serial Port Monitoring - Model HSM-RS232

- Hardware Serial Monitor is fitted inside a standard DB25 case. (see below)

- Undetectable by software running on the computer. Records data transfers transparently.

- On-Board Flash memory capacity of 2 Mb. Once memory capacity is reached, the device stops recording data.

- Configurable to capture and store Full-Duplex RS232 Serial Data at the following Baud rates: 2400, 4800, 9600, 14400, 19200, 38400, 57600.

- Selectable parity: N,8,1; E,7,1

- Unit powers from the serial port. No external power source, or battery required.

- This RS232 recorder device features quick and easy configuration using supplied software. (Win95/98/ME/XP/2000/NT Only)

- Filtering (preliminary).

- Compatible with different flow control methods.(Hardware flow control using RTS and CTS, Software flow control, No flow control).

- Can be used to capture data on DB9 connections with standard DB9 to DB25 and DB25 to DB9 adapters (not supplied).

- Dimensions: 55x90x22mm.


The HSM-RS232 model is an invaluable tool for -
- electrical engineers/developers using RS232
- data logging on microcontrollers that communicate using RS232
- monitoring of factory processes
- faultfinding on a factory floor
- faultfinding PLD (programmable logic devices) in a factory
- backing up of phone book and address data when syncronising with a Palmtop computer
- recording up to 2 megabytes of full-duplex modem traffic for later forensic analysis.


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(Port Powered) Hardware RS232 Serial Port Monitor and Configuration Software.
Models available from: $499 USD learn more


Please browse the FAQ for a list of frequently asked questions.

Windows serial port monitor "Portmon". Can be used to detect the baud rate that external devices use. Link.


Inside the Hardware Serial Monitor - Model HSM-RS232 Device
capture serial data transmissions


These software is used to connect to the device and retrieve the log.

hardware devices to record data transfer

Once connected, the log can be downloaded.
record serial data transfer hardware device

Using Portmon to detect the speed.

A variety of recording speeds can be selected.
Capture RS232 data stream

In addition, the firmware can be upgraded.
Hardware Serial Monitor


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