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At Interface Security Ltd we work hard developing our products. We are the inventors and manufacturers of the KeyGhost Hardware Keylogger and the Hardware Serial Monitor range of products. You can be sure a product purchased from us or one of our distributors will work flawlessly in every situation. This is due to the extensive real world testing that takes place before any product is approved for release into the market place.

We are always prepared to do what is necessary to achieve complete customer satisfaction.

What motivates our creative team to develop fresh, exciting products? Your ideas, and positive feedback. We talk to our customers !

We are available for contract work, and have plenty of experience in the area of data acquisition.

We're looking forward to hearing from you soon.

The Interface Security Team
Phone:+64 3 3793883
Fax:+64 3 3793885


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Our partners:
Computer security consulting and the use of an undetectable stealth keylogger to supervise internet use at work or home. Contact us for any application that requires an undetectable keylogger on any platform including Linux.


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