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Hardware Based Serial and V.24 Port Monitoring Devices

Interface Security has developed and offers the following port-powered hardware based solutions for recording RS232, V.24 and X.25 communications.

RS232 Port Capture DataThe Hardware based Serial port monitoring device - (Model HSM-RS232) - is a port-powered stand alone unit that can record up to 2 megabytes of full-duplex RS232 at speeds of up to 57.6kbps.

To record data the baud rate and other settings need to be determined by the user (using Portmon or similar) and the Hardware Serial Monitor unit configured using supplied Windows software.
Models are available from: $499 USD + S&H


V.24 X.25 Data Capture Recording DeviceThe Hardware based V.24 and X.25 monitoring device - (Model HSM-V.24-X.25) - is a port-powered stand alone unit that is configurable to capture and store up to 2 megabytes of V.24, X.25, HDLC and SDLC communications data flowing between a computer and a synchronous modem.

The unit powers from the serial port so no external power source, or battery is required. It features quick and easy configuration using supplied software. (Win95/98/ME/XP/2000/NT).
Models are available from: $699 USD + S&H


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Capture V24, X25, RS232, V.24, X.25 data communications on a small port powered device.
Recording data communications has never been this easy. Simply plug the HSM device in between the serial data.


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